Our Menù


Row red  schrimp tartare from Sicily with fennel and citrus                           €23,00

Marinated Rainbow trout salad with avo and sesam                                         €14,00

Thin slices of venison marinated in
apple blend extra virgin olive oil                                                                             €14,00

Tacos of potatoes, Robiola cheese, yellow mushrooms
and zucchini cream                                                                                                    €13,00

Stokfish mousse on Polenta in three stocks                                                          €15,00

Porcini mushrooms soufflé on nettles fondue                                                       €14,00

Home-made thin slices of Deer ham and Pork fillets with corn bred
and spinach empanadas                                                                                              €15,00

Selection of cheese with chutney                                                                               €14,00


Breaded loin of lamb in “puccia” flour                                           €24,00

Raw and cooked meat
Beef fillet tartare -Carpaccio of beef –Tataki of deer                              €25,00

Pork shoulder cooked at low temperature withy apple chutney            €29,00

Fillet of beef with porcini mushrooms                                                         €29,00

Polentina, chanterelle mushrooms, little local beans and
egg cooked at low temperature                                                                      €21,00

Char flavoured with alpine thyme on purple cabbage                               €21,00

“Triptych of salt cod fish”
Sashimi- Steamed salad flavoured with olive oil and parsley- Fried in corn crust           €24,00

Deer flavoured with cranberries and balsamic sauce                                       €25,00

Firsts – Pasta

Home-made pasta

“Casunziei” typical ravioli stuffed with beetroth                                   €14,00

Ravioli stuffed with piglet flavoured with Basil
and Parmesan cheese                                                                               €14,00

Tagliolini with white deer ragout                                                              €15,00

Tortelli of Potatoes stuffed with eggplant and local cheese                 €15,00

Green Spätzle “dumplings” with speck and porcini mushrooms        €13,00

Guitar spaghetti with black carbonara truffle                                       €20,00

Maccheroni “puccia” flour bred with speck ragù
and yellow mushrooms                                                                               €15,00

Soup of the day                                                                                               €13,00


Selection  of pastry served with raisin muscat wine                             € 9,00
from Pantelleria

Warm apple pie with vanilla cream
typical grand-mother’s sweet with stale bread,                                     € 9,00
pine nuts and apples

Cheesecake with gelèe of dried apricote                                                  €9,00

Dolomites Saffron creamy sugary pudding with friuts                          € 9,00

Peach creamy, peaches in syrup and Basil granita                                  € 9,00

Chocolate Mousse and raspberry macaroons                                           € 9,00

Red fruits creamy with mint ice cream                                                      € 9,00